Mike Summerton

My name is Mike Summerton and I live in Dartmouth in Devon in the UK with my wife Jenny and my Golden Retriever, Amber. I have two grown up daughters, Louise and Karen and six grand children, Dylan, Alice, Sebastian, Nicol and the twins George and Lucy. 


I am a freelance developer of some 30 years standing, currently concentrating on Android java coding. 


I have been a computer addict ever since my father-in-law gave me a Sinclair ZX 81 when I was about 21. I was then a secondary teacher of Computing and Biology.  The Biology and indeed the teaching took a back seat to the early hours machine code game cracking in those days. 


I have spent most of my life coding client-server middleware using C++ in the telecoms and banking industries; but since going freelance, I have mainly worked on PHP/HTML website development on a LAMP stack and Android phone development.


I love working on Linux platforms, my current favourite being Kubuntu and develop using the Eclipse IDE. I built my own powerful AMD based computer on which I do all of my work.


On this site you will find information about the products of my recent labours.  I did not handcraft it as I did not have time.

I hope you find something useful or interesting, ideally both, somewhere herein.